Expectation of life

Expectation of life,

Definition of Expectation of life:

  1. The amount of years left in the life of the average person of a certain age, as determined by a mortality table.

Meaning of Expectation of life & Expectation of life Definition

Expectation Of Life,

What is The Meaning of Expectation Of Life?

  1. Definition of Expectation Of Life: Life expectancy refers to the life expectancy of a person based on the calculation of the table of life.

    Life insurance calculations are used in life insurance to assess the risk of issuing policies to the beneficiaries.

Literal Meanings of Expectation Of Life


Meanings of Expectation:
  1. I firmly believe that something will or will happen in the future.

Sentences of Expectation
  1. Reality does not live up to expectations

Synonyms of Expectation

belief, assumption, supposition, calculation, forecast, presupposition, conjecture, surmise, presumption, projection, prediction, reckoning


Meanings of Of:
  1. It shows the relationship between the part and the whole.

  2. Indicates the relationship between scale or size and value.

  3. Refers to the relationship between two organizations, usually the organization of the association.

  4. It shows the relationship between the address and the reference point.

  5. It represents the relationship between a general type or type and something special in that category.

  6. After a noun that comes from or is related to a verb.

  7. Identify the component or substance that makes the difference.

  8. Express the hour for the next hour.

Sentences of Of
  1. 5% increase

  2. North of Chicago

  3. Nice to meet you

  4. In New York, only a quarter to three

Synonyms of Of

from, of, made by, caused by, in, carried out by, by, done by


Meanings of Life:
  1. A condition that distinguishes animals and plants from non-essential substances, including the ability to grow, regenerate, function, and function continuously before death.

  2. The presence of humans or animals.

  3. The period between the birth and death of a living person, especially a person.

  4. Significance, power or energy.

  5. (In art) the representation of the subject according to a real model and not according to the imagination of an artist.

Sentences of Life
  1. The essence of life

  2. The catastrophe killed 266 Americans

  3. He has lived in this country all his life

  4. She is beautiful and full of life

  5. Pose and clothes have been taken from life

Synonyms of Life

energy, spiritedness, exuberance, this mortal coil, effervescence, bounce, liveliness, duration of life, verve, sparkle, soul, brio, dynamism, being, buoyancy, push, activity, one's time, vitality, high spirits, mortal, go, colour, threescore years and ten, enthusiasm, spirit, creature, lifetime