Definition of Expatriate:

  1. Denoting or relating to a person living outside their native country.

  2. A person who has citizenship in at least one country, but who is living in another country. Most expatriates only stay in the foreign country for a certain period of time, and plan to return to their home country eventually, although there are some who never return to their country of citizenship.

  3. An expatriate is a migrant worker who is a professional or skilled worker in his or her profession. The worker takes a position outside his/her home country, either independently or as a work assignment scheduled by the employer, which can be a company, university, government, or non-governmental organization. If your employer sends you from your job in its Silicon Valley office to work for an extended period in its Toronto office, you would be considered an expatriate or "expat" after you arrive in Toronto.

  4. An expatriate, or ex-pat, is an individual living and/or working in a country other than his or her country of citizenship, often temporarily and for work reasons. An expatriate can also be an individual who has relinquished citizenship in their home country to become a citizen of another.

  5. Settle oneself abroad.

  6. A person who lives outside their native country.

Synonyms of Expatriate

Emigrant, Living abroad, Working abroad, Non-native, émigré, Newcomer, Settler, Incomer, New arrival, Migrant, Emigrant, DP, Ishmael, Abstract, Ban, Banish, Blackball, Cast off, Cast out, Castaway, Chuck, Clear, Clear away, Clear out, Clear the decks, Cut, Cut out, Declasse, Deport, Derelict, Disfellowship, Displace, Displaced person, Dispose of, Eject, Elide, Eliminate, Emigrant, Emigrate, Emigre, Eradicate, Evacue, Evacuee, Evictee, Exclude, Excommunicate, Exile, Expel, Expellee, Extradite, Flit, Fugitate, Get quit of, Get rid of, Get shut of, Go from home, Immigrant, Immigrate, In-migrant, In-migrate, Intermigrate, Lag, Leave home, Leave the country, Leper, Liquidate, Migrant, Migrate, Migrator, Migratory worker, Ostracize, Oust, Out-migrant, Out-migrate, Outcast, Outcast of society, Outcaste, Outlaw, Pariah, Persona non grata, Pick out, Proscribe, Purge, Relegate, Remigrate, Remove, Root out, Root up, Run, Rusticate, Send away, Send down, Send to Coventry, Snub, Social outcast, Spurn, Stateless person, Strike off, Strike out, Swarm, Take wing, Throw over, Throw overboard, Thrust out, Transmigrate, Transport, Trek, Trekker, Unacceptable person, Undesirable, Untouchable, Weed out, Wetback, Settle abroad, Live abroad, Relocate abroad

How to use Expatriate in a sentence?

  1. The expatriate s living in Costa Rica formed an informal social group which met every month or so for drinks and lively discussion.
  2. Fearing the worsening disease epidemic, the man wished to expatriate and move to a neighboring country with higher health care standards.
  3. Candidates should be willing to expatriate.
  4. American expatriates in London.
  5. An expatriate is somebody who has left their country of origin in order to reside in another country.
  6. Ex-pats may leave home for work reasons, including migrant labor who seeks more lucrative employment in a different country.
  7. An American citizen that has moved to Norway to live, work and raise a family, is now considered an expatriate of the United States.
  8. Expatriate writers and artists.
  9. The IRS may impose an expatriation tax on individuals who renounce their citizenship, usually based on the value of a taxpayer's property or income in the United States.
  10. Expatriates may live temporarily overseas, or completely renounce their citizenship of one country in favor of another.

Meaning of Expatriate & Expatriate Definition