Definition of Exonerate:

  1. To release defendants from guilt, responsibility or punishment, to exempt them from liability for criminal or illegal or unlawful acts. See also bright and bright.

Synonyms of Exonerate

Amnesty, Decontaminate, Nonpros, Exculpate, Shrive, Absolve, Set free, Withdraw the charge, Whitewash, Remit, Destigmatize, Grant remission, Exempt, Disburden, Quash the charge, Purge, Let go, Dispense from, Excuse, Vindicate, Exempt from, Grant forgiveness, Discharge, Clear, Pardon, Free, Grant immunity, Spare, Acquit, Release, Give absolution, Forgive, Justify, Let off, Grant amnesty to, Dismiss

Meaning of Exonerate & Exonerate Definition