Exogenous Growth

Exogenous Growth,

Exogenous Growth:

  • External development, the basic tenet of neoclassical economic theory, states that development is driven by technological progress that does not depend on economic power. External and endogenous growth theories are part of the neoclassical growth model.

    • External development, a fundamental principle of neoclassical economic theory, emphasizes that development is driven by technological advances that do not depend on economic power.
    • Outward growth patterns take into account account growth, low return on capital, savings rate and technical variables to determine economic growth.
    • Although the external and final growth patterns emphasize the role of technological development in sustainable economic growth, the first model assumes that this important variable originates outside the economic system, while the development model suggests that in the economic system Activities make you creative.

Literal Meanings of Exogenous Growth


Meanings of Exogenous:
  1. External factors related or developed.

Sentences of Exogenous
  1. External technical changes in the oil industry


Meanings of Growth:
  1. The process of increasing body size.

  2. Anything that grows or develops.

  3. A vineyard or a vineyard of a certain grade or a harvest of grapes of the same quality

Sentences of Growth
  1. Top plant growth

  2. Days of growing up with a peg on the chin

  3. All vintage is classified in the legally restricted champagne area

Synonyms of Growth

broadening, widening, growing, swelling, thickening, heightening, magnification, ballooning, extension