Definition of Exit:

  1. Go out of or leave a place.

  2. A way out, especially of a public building, room, or passenger vehicle.

  3. Point at which an investor (usually a venture capitalist) sells his or her stake in a firm to realize his gains (or losses). Generally exit is a move planned at the time of investment decision and may also be included in the firms overall plan. See also exit strategy.

  4. An act of going out of or leaving a place.

Synonyms of Exit

Way out, Door, Egress, Passage out, Escape route, AWOL, French leave, Abandonment, Absence without leave, Absquatulation, Access, Adit, Aisle, Alley, Ambulatory, Annihilation, Aperture, Arcade, Artery, Avenue, Bane, Be consumed, Be getting along, Be gone, Beat a retreat, Beat it, Biological death, Blowhole, Bolt, Bow out, Break out, Break through, Buzz off, Cease, Cease to be, Cease to exist, Cessation of life, Channel, Chute, Clinical death, Cloister, Colonnade, Come away, Come forth, Come out, Communication, Conduit, Connection, Corridor, Course, Covered way, Crossing the bar, Curtains, Cut out, Death, Death knell, Debouch, Debt of nature, Decampment, Decease, Defile, Dematerialize, Demise, Depart, Departure, Desertion, Die, Die away, Die out, Disappear, Disappearance, Disappearing act, Dispel, Disperse, Dissipate, Dissolution, Dissolve, Ditch, Do a fade-out, Doom, Door, Duck out, Duct, Dwindle, Dying, Ebb of life, Egress, Egression, Elopement, Emerge, Emunctory, End, End of life, Ending, Entrance, Erode, Erupt, Escape, Estuary, Eternal rest, Evacuation, Evanesce, Evaporate, Exhaust, Exodus, Expiration, Extinction, Extinguishment, Extraction, Fade, Fade away, Fade out, Ferry, Final summons, Find vent, Finger of death, Flee, Flight, Floodgate, Flume, Fly, Ford, Forthcoming, Fugitation, Gallery, Gang along, Gate, Get along, Get away, Get off, Get on, Get out, Get under way, Getaway, Go, Go along, Go away, Go off, Go on, Go on furlough, Go on leave, Go out, Going, Going off, Going out, Grave, Hand of death, Hasty retreat, Hegira, Hide, Ingress, Inlet, Interchange, Intersection, Issue, Issue forth, Jaws of death, Junction, Knell, Lane, Last debt, Last muster, Last rest, Last roundup, Last sleep, Leak out, Leave, Leave no trace, Leave the scene, Leave-taking, Leaving, Leaving life, Loophole, Loss of life, Make an exit, Making an end, March off, March out, Melt, Melt away, Mosey, Move, Move away, Move off, Move out, Ooze out, Opening, Out, Outcome, Outcoming, Outfall, Outgate, Outgo, Outgoing, Outlet, Overpass, Parting, Pass, Pass away, Pass out, Passage, Passageway, Passing, Passing away, Passing over, Perish, Perishing, Pore, Port, Portico, Pull out, Quick exit, Quietus, Quit, Railroad tunnel, Release, Removal, Rest, Retire, Retire from sight, Retirement, Retreat, Reward, Run, Run out, Running away, Sally port, Sashay, Sashay off, Scramming, Sentence of death, Shades of death, Shadow of death, Sink, Sink away, Skedaddle, Skedaddling, Sleep, Slip away, Slip off, Slip out, Sluice, Sneak out, Somatic death, Spiracle, Spout, Stagger along, Suffer an eclipse, Summons of death, Take a walk, Take flight, Take leave, Take off, Take wing, Tap, Toddle along, Traject, Trajet, Trench, Trough, Troughing, Troughway, Tunnel, Underpass, Up and go, Vanish, Vanish from sight, Vent, Ventage, Venthole, Vomitory, Walk out, Walkout, Waste, Waste away, Way, Way out, Wear away, Weir, Wing it, Withdraw, Withdrawal, Departure, Leaving, Withdrawal, Retirement, Going, Decamping, Retreat, Pull-out, Evacuation, Leave, Go, Go out, Depart, Take ones leave, Make ones departure, Make an exit

How to use Exit in a sentence?

  1. She slipped out by the rear exit.
  2. The bullet entered her back and exited through her chest.
  3. He made a hasty exit from the room.

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