Existential Cost Of Risk (XCOR)

Existential Cost Of Risk (XCOR),

Existential Cost Of Risk (XCOR) means,

  1. The current risk cost is a premium. The insurer will charge insurance if the insurer insures all its risk positions. These are considered costs that companies finance their stability risks. Not all business risks can be reasonably described as insurance, but the XCOR provides an estimate of the cost.

Literal Meanings of Existential Cost Of Risk (XCOR)


Meanings of Existential:
  1. In relation to existence.

Sentences of Existential
  1. So lately I've been experimenting with existential calculus, where I critically question what I'm doing with my life and why I'm doing it.


Meanings of Cost:
  1. Payment (an amount of money) is required before receiving or performing (an item or action).

Sentences of Cost
  1. The price of each issue of the magazine is 25 2.25

  2. Your job is to plan and calculate the cost of the media program for the campaign.

Synonyms of Cost

fetch, selling price, amount to, fee, toll, estimate the cost of, be, rental, put a value on, levy, put a price on, price, put a figure on, market price, be priced at, hire charge, tariff, be valued at, estimate the price of, come to, value, sell for, evaluate


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  1. It shows the relationship between the part and the whole.

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Synonyms of Of

carried out by, from, by, of, in, caused by, done by, made by


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Expose someone or anything of value for loss, damage or loss.

  2. Conditions involved in exposure to hazards

Sentences of Risk
  1. Disobeying the law is very dangerous

Synonyms of Risk

venture, put in danger, danger, peril, put at risk, take a chance with, put on the line, likelihood, imperil, threat, put in jeopardy, fear, endanger, jeopardize, gamble with, gamble, menace, wager, chance, possibility, probability, prospect, expose to danger, hazard, bet