How Do You Define Exhibitions?

  • Examples include, but are not limited to, animal shows, antique shows, craft museums and car exhibitions.

Meanings of Exhibitions

  1. Public exhibitions of works of art or famous buildings in art galleries or museums or trade fairs.

  2. Demonstration or demonstration of skills.

  3. (In-game) Games whose outcome does not affect the team's position are usually played before the start of the regular season.

  4. Scholarships are usually awarded to students at the school or university after the competition.

Sentences of Exhibitions

  1. An exhibition of French sculpture

  2. The fields have been hijacked with the demonstration of the maximum potential of agricultural workers

  3. An exhibition game

  4. Brzezins won the Senior Holme Exhibition

Synonyms of Exhibitions

display, public display, show, showing, presentation, demonstration, showcase, mounting, spectacle, grant, award, endowment, payment