Definition of Exhibit:

  1. Publicly display (a work of art or item of interest) in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.

  2. Document referred to in a contract that establishes the quantities and specifications for the items to be delivered under it.

  3. Document, picture, or other article presented as an evidence during a trial.

  4. An object or collection of objects on public display in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.

  5. Manifest or deliberately display (a quality or a type of behavior).

Synonyms of Exhibit

Show, Reveal, Display, Manifest, Evince, Betray, Give away, Disclose, Object on display, Item, Piece, Advertise, Affect, Air, Approve, Argue, Attest, Basis for belief, Benefit, Bespeak, Betoken, Betray, Bill, Blazon forth, Body of evidence, Brandish, Breathe, Bring forth, Bring forward, Bring into view, Bring out, Bring to notice, Chain of evidence, Clue, Connote, Cosmorama, Cyclorama, Dangle, Data, Datum, Debut, Demonstrate, Demonstration, Denote, Develop, Diorama, Disclose, Display, Disport, Divulge, Documentation, Dramatize, Emblazon, Embody, Enact, Enactment, Entertainment, Evidence, Evince, Exemplify, Exhibition, Expose, Expose to view, Exposition, Exposure, Express, Fact, Facts, Fair, Farewell performance, Flash, Flaunt, Flesh show, Flourish, Furnish evidence, Georama, Give indication of, Give sign, Give token, Go to show, Grounds, Grounds for belief, Highlight, Hold up, Illuminate, Illustrate, Imply, Incarnate, Indicate, Indication, Involve, Item of evidence, Light show, Make clear, Make plain, Manifest, Manifestation, Mark, Material grounds, Materialize, Mean, Muniments, Mute witness, Myriorama, Offer, Opening, Ostentation, Pageant, Pageantry, Panorama, Parade, Perform, Performance, Phantasmagoria, Piece of evidence, Point to, Pomp, Premiere, Premises, Present, Presentation, Presentment, Proclaim, Produce, Production, Projection, Proof, Psychedelic show, Put forth, Put forward, Reason to believe, Relevant fact, Represent, Representation, Retrospective, Reveal, Roll out, Set forth, Shifting scene, Show, Show forth, Show off, Show signs of, Showing, Sight, Sign, Signalize, Signify, Speak for itself, Speak volumes, Spectacle, Sport, Spotlight, Stage presentation, Stage show, Suggest, Swan song, Symptom, Symptomatize, Tableau, Tableau vivant, Tell, Tend to show, Theatrical performance, Token, Trot out, Trumpet, Trumpet forth, Tryout, Unfold, Unfolding, Unfoldment, Unveiling, Varnishing day, Vaunt, Vernissage, Wave, Exhibit, Show, Put on show, Put on view, Expose to view, Present, Unveil, Set forth

How to use Exhibit in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes when making a big presentation you can make an exhibit to try and show off just exactly what your plan is.
  2. Before we left the zoo I wanted to stop by and check out the monkey exhibit , which received a lot of praise on the internet.
  3. He could exhibit a saintlike submissiveness.
  4. Only one sculpture was exhibited in the artists lifetime.
  5. I wanted to display the evidence as plainly as possible so I labeled our evidence as exhibit a for the judge.
  6. The museum is rich in exhibits.

Meaning of Exhibit & Exhibit Definition