Definition of Exempt:

  1. Free (a person or organization) from an obligation or liability imposed on others.

  2. A person who is exempt from something, especially the payment of tax.

  3. Debtors asset or property that cannot be seized under bankruptcy proceedings.

  4. Free or released from an obligation, restriction, or responsibility to which others are subject.

  5. Free from an obligation or liability imposed on others.

Synonyms of Exempt

Free from, Not liable to, Not subject to, Absolve, Acquit, Amnesty, Chartered, Clear, Decontaminate, Destigmatize, Discharge, Dismiss, Dispense from, Dispense with, Except, Excepted, Exculpate, Excuse, Excused, Exempt from, Exempted, Exonerate, Favored, Forgive, Free, Give absolution, Give dispensation from, Grant amnesty to, Grant immunity, Grant remission, Immune, Irresponsible, Justify, Let go, Let off, Liberated, Licensed, Nonpros, Pardon, Permitted, Privileged, Purge, Quash the charge, Release, Released, Remise, Remit, Save the necessity, Set free, Shrive, Spare, Spared, Unaccountable, Unanswerable, Unliable, Unsubject, Vindicate, Whitewash, Withdraw the charge, Free from, Not liable to, Not subject to

How to use Exempt in a sentence?

  1. These patients are exempt from all charges.
  2. They were exempted from paying the tax.
  3. Thus, journalists duties vary along a spectrum from the nonexempt to the exempt.

Meaning of Exempt & Exempt Definition