Exempt Motor Carrier

Exempt Motor Carrier,

What Does Exempt Motor Carrier Mean?

  1. A road transport company whose name is exempt from economic regulation because of the goods it carries (such as livestock, agricultural products). Exceptions from international trade are not subject to the requirements of the Truck Carrier Insurance Declaration as are regular and contracted carriers, but are subject to the same safety regulations.

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Meanings of Exempt:
  1. To release (an individual or organization) from the responsibilities or obligations imposed on others.

  2. People are exempt from everything, especially paying taxes.

  3. Be free from any responsibility or obligation to third parties.

Sentences of Exempt
  1. They are exempt from paying taxes

  2. Therefore, the roles of journalists vary from excluded to excluded in the spectrum.

  3. This patient is free at all costs

Synonyms of Exempt

not liable to, free from, not subject to


Meanings of Motor:
  1. You travel by car, usually by car or boat.

  2. An engine, especially one that runs on electricity or with an internal combustion engine, that provides a vehicle or other device with moving parts.

  3. Giving, sending or preparing a movement or action.

  4. Powered by an engine

Sentences of Motor
  1. We drive on a narrow road

  2. The steam engine symbolizes the first industrial revolution and the second electric motor and combustion engine.

  3. Demand is the main driver of economic activity

  4. As business grew and moved to a larger location on Leinster Street, its mode of transportation changed and it received a delivery truck.

Synonyms of Motor

hare, device, streak, career, driving, utensil, kinetic, operative, propelling, shoot, mechanism, engine, propulsive, appliance, contraption, lever, moving, wing, unit, speed, instrument, hurtle, contrivance, tool, gadget, fly


Meanings of Carrier:
  1. Someone or something that carries, holds or transfers something.

  2. The person or company that professionally transports goods or persons.

  3. A person or animal that transmits a pathogenic organism to another. The user usually has no symptoms of the disease.

  4. A substance used to transport or transport another substance, e.g. B. Pigment, catalyst or radioactive material.

Sentences of Carrier
  1. Pan Am was the third American airline to cease operations in 1991

  2. The black rat, known as the carrier of the bubonic plague

Synonyms of Carrier

transporter, bearer, conveyor