Exemplary Damages

Exemplary Damages,

Exemplary Damages: What is the Meaning of Exemplary Damages?

  1. The definition of Exemplary Damages is: Compensation is more than is necessary to compensate the accused for the punishment of abuse or unfair treatment.

  2. Exemplary Damages means: Ideal losses are financial payments that should occur after the loss of the civil suit. Many insurers have an ideal loss exemption, which means that if a policyholder is sued, they will not pay the financial obligation.

Literal Meanings of Exemplary Damages


Meanings of Exemplary:
  1. Serve as a desired model that exemplifies the best of its kind.

  2. (Of punishment) which is a warning or a deterrent.

Sentences of Exemplary
  1. Praise for ideal community service

  2. Ideal decisions can discourage extremely violent minorities.

Synonyms of Exemplary

perfect, model, consummate, without fault, ideal, flawless, serving as a deterrent, faultless, impeccable, copybook


Meanings of Damages:
  1. Do (some) bodily harm in such a way that its value, usefulness or normal function is lost.

  2. Physical harm that affects the value, usefulness, or normal functioning of an object.

  3. The amount claimed or paid as compensation for loss or damage.

Sentences of Damages
  1. The bombs caused great damage to the city.

  2. He received 28 4,284,000 in damages.

Synonyms of Damages

harm, mar, vandalization, reparation, compensation, impair, mutilate, do damage to, blemish, vandalize, vandalism, defile, spoil, recompense, restitution, injure, disfigure, destruction, redress, reparations, desecrate, blight, deface, mangle, injury