Executive Suites

Executive Suites,

What Does Executive Suites Mean?

  1. Executive Suites means, Joint office with management company services

Literal Meanings of Executive Suites


Meanings of Executive:
  1. It has the power to enforce plans, measures or laws.

  2. Individuals with administrative responsibilities in corporate organizations.

  3. A person or branch of government responsible for enforcing a policy or law.

Sentences of Executive
  1. An executive president

  2. Accounting manager

  3. For example, for good governance, the executive must be accountable to parliament.

Synonyms of Executive

administrative, decision-making, directorial, directing, controlling, managerial, chief, head, principal, senior official, senior manager, senior administrator


Meanings of Suites:
  1. A set of rooms for individual or family use or personal use.

  2. A series of instrument making, consisting mainly of dance styles, should be performed one by one.

  3. A group of people who participated as kings or other high-ranking people.

  4. A set of programs with uniform design and data sharing capabilities.

  5. A group of minerals, rocks, or fossils that form together and are characteristic of a place or time.

Sentences of Suites
  1. Reception room

  2. Dividing his work into more serious music and dance suites basically suits Corelis between Sonata da Camara and Sonata da Chase.

  3. The Royal Salon was built for the Queen and her suit

  4. All the programs in the package are integrated, even when you start entering the most complex settings, and McAfee is ahead of any competitor in this ease of use.

  5. Potassium stones are a trademark of the region

Synonyms of Suites

apartment, set of rooms, suite of rooms, retinue, entourage, train, escort, cort├Ęge, royal household, court, company, following, staff