Definition of Executing:

  1. Ability to perform assigned tasks and responsibilities within a specified period in accordance with set standards or norms.

  2. Put it into practice (plan, mandate or action plan)

  3. Execution of the sentence against (legally convicted person).

Synonyms of Executing

Put into practice, Discharge, Bring about, Enact, Bring off, Carry out, Carry through, Put into effect, Attain, Effect, Prosecute, Perform, Put to death, Administer, Kill, Achieve, Complete, Enforce, Carry off, Engineer, Fulfil, Do, Implement, Carry out a sentence of death on, Accomplish, Realize

How to use Executing in a sentence?

  1. The company conducts numerous financial transactions.
  2. He committed treason and was hanged.

Meaning of Executing & Executing Definition