Exculpatory Provision

Exculpatory Provision,

Definition of Exculpatory Provision:

  1. Excluded clauses are clauses in the agreement that exclude the party from liability or prevent that party from taking legal action. This provision will be recognized by the court only if it is found appropriate and unacceptable.

Literal Meanings of Exculpatory Provision



Meanings of Provision:
  1. Something to use

  2. The quantity or supply of something.

  3. Terms or requirements in legal documents.

  4. The appointment of beneficiaries, mostly directly from the pope, and not from the chief, and initially before that, has been ambiguous.

  5. Provide food, drink or supplies, especially for travel.

  6. Deposit a certain amount in the organization's account for known responsibilities.

Sentences of Provision
  1. New service agreement

  2. Less social benefits

  3. Important provisions of civil law

  4. Consider another example of medieval populism in medieval England.

  5. The Civil Force contractor is responsible for providing the force.

  6. Financial institutions need to provide themselves with financial assistance to cover credit losses

Synonyms of Provision

supplying, supply, providing, purveying, delivery, furnishing, equipping, giving, donation, allocation, distribution, presentation, facilities, services, amenities, resource, resources, equipment, arrangements, solutions, term, clause