Definition of Exculpate:

  1. To free from accusation or blame for a blameworthy act. Exculpation, unlike acquittal (see acquit) and exoneration (see exonerate), does not imply the act was criminal or otherwise illegal or illicit.

  2. Show or declare that (someone) is not guilty of wrongdoing.

Synonyms of Exculpate

Release, Liberate, Free, Set free, Let go, Let out, Allow to leave, Let loose, Set loose, Turn loose, Absolve, Account for, Acquit, Amnesty, Clear, Condone, Cry sour grapes, Decontaminate, Destigmatize, Discharge, Dismiss, Dispense from, Do justice to, Excuse, Exempt, Exempt from, Exonerate, Explain, Forgive, Free, Give absolution, Grant amnesty to, Grant forgiveness, Grant immunity, Grant remission, Justify, Let go, Let off, Nonpros, Pardon, Purge, Quash the charge, Rationalize, Rehabilitate, Reinstate, Release, Remit, Restore, Set free, Shrive, Spare, Vindicate, Warrant, Whitewash, Withdraw the charge

How to use Exculpate in a sentence?

  1. The article exculpated the mayor.

Meaning of Exculpate & Exculpate Definition