Exclusive Provider Organizations (epo)

Exclusive Provider Organizations (epo),

Exclusive Provider Organizations (epo) Definition:

  • Meaning of Exclusive Provider Organizations (epo): A form of managed care where participants are only paid for the services of an affiliated provider.

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Meanings of Exclusive:
  1. An article or story was published or broadcast from a single source.

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Sentences of Exclusive
  1. The costs of torturing Abu Ghraib have not been disclosed by The New York and CBS's three media outlets that broadcast or publish the Washington Post.

  2. My focus is only on the San Antonio issue.

  3. The couple owns a condominium

  4. Advanced neighborhood in Georgetown

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Synonyms of Exclusive

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Meanings of Provider:
  1. Someone or something that offers.

Sentences of Provider
  1. Leading personal finance service providers

Synonyms of Provider

contributor, donor, giver, source, mainstay, supplier


Meanings of Organizations:
  1. An organized group of people with a specific purpose, for example, a business or a ministry.

  2. The process of creating something.

Sentences of Organizations
  1. Conference organization

Synonyms of Organizations

syndicate, association, confederation, network, firm, body, coalition, society, structuring, league, combine, coordination, running, establishment, conglomerate, logistics, planning, confederacy, consortium, organizing, concern, federation, operation, arrangement, movement, group


Meanings of Epo:
  1. Erythropoietin, especially when isolated by athletes as a medical or illegal drug.