• Captive agent or person who only represents insurance and who is prohibited from transferring business to another company under contract, unless the agency has already refused to do so.

  • An agent that is only employed by another insurance company and specifically applies to that company.

Literal Meanings of EXCLUSIVE AGENT


Meanings of EXCLUSIVE:
  1. An article or story was published or broadcast from a single source.

  2. Not putting it aside or recognizing other things.

  3. Restricted or restricted to a person, group or area under discussion.

  4. Catering is available only to select, luxurious and expensive people.

  5. Except not included.

Sentences of EXCLUSIVE
  1. Exceptions to the violence against Abu Ghraib have not been released by The New York and CBS's three media outlets that broadcast or publish the Washington Post.

  2. My focus is only on the San Antonio issue.

  3. The couple owns a condominium

  4. High class neighborhood in Georgetown

  5. Prices do not include taxes or postage

Synonyms of EXCLUSIVE

only, private, select, personal, single, individual, entire, absolute, fashionable, high-class, choice, exposé, unshared, full, especial, unique, whole, sole, stylish, elegant, elite, special


Meanings of AGENT:
  1. People or objects that play an active role or cause certain effects.

Sentences of AGENT
  1. Universities are often liberal communities that often see themselves as agents of social change.

Synonyms of AGENT

broker, envoy, medium, spokesman, factor, negotiator, liaison, emissary, spokeswoman, frontman, spokesperson, mouthpiece, business manager, go-between, delegate, instrument, proxy, trustee, surrogate, vehicle, representative, means