Exclusions (exceptions)

Exclusions (exceptions),

Definition of Exclusions (exceptions):

Exclusions (exceptions) means: Terms or conditions set forth in the policy in which the insured does not offer concessions.

Literal Meanings of Exclusions (exceptions)


Meanings of Exclusions:
  1. Status of action or exception.

Sentences of Exclusions
  1. Helped to resign from the committee

Synonyms of Exclusions

barring, keeping out, debarment, debarring, disbarring, banning, ban, prohibition, embargo


Meanings of Exceptions:
  1. A person or thing that is out of the ordinary or does not follow the rules.

Sentences of Exceptions
  1. Always the best song and tonight is no exception

Synonyms of Exceptions

anomaly, irregularity, deviation, special case, departure, inconsistency, quirk, peculiarity, abnormality, oddity