Excluded Peril

Excluded Peril,

How Do You Define Excluded Peril?

  1. Excluded risks are those that are not covered by the insurance policy. If any of the listed risks are damaged, the insurer is not responsible for providing financial assistance.

Literal Meanings of Excluded Peril


Meanings of Excluded:
  1. Deny access to (someone's) place, group or privilege.

  2. Remove carefully.

Sentences of Excluded
  1. The audience was removed from the board meeting

  2. We cannot rule out falling property prices

Synonyms of Excluded

ban, embargo, prohibit, put an embargo on, rule out, debar, eliminate, deny access to, disbar, keep out, shut out, factor out, bar


Meanings of Peril:
  1. Putting yourself at risk.

Sentences of Peril
  1. Jonathan risked his life for David

  2. The unrest facing the state can be a threat to the government

Synonyms of Peril

perilousness, insecurity, uncertainty, riskiness, menace, put in jeopardy, threaten, jeopardy, put at risk, risk, threat, imperil, endanger, expose to risk, put in danger, hazard, danger, expose to danger, put on the line