Excluded Breeds

Excluded Breeds,

Excluded Breeds means,

  1. Unfortunately, there are some races that we do not cover. The following list includes, but is not limited to, the breeds we are not managing.


    • Asian leopard cat
    • chausie
    • Ketsu
    • All cats less than 4 weeks


    • اکیتا
    • Alphahapa Blue Blood Dog
    • American Bandog / Mastiff Bandog
    • American tyrant
    • American / Irish Staffordshire Bill Terrier
    • Carabash of Anatolia
    • Pastor of Anatolia
    • English Bulldog
    • All dogs are banned in the UK
    • This includes any breed defined in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1992, which is deemed to be in accordance with the description of the prohibited breed, all breeds crossed with the dog, and any other breed or breed to be added later. Will join
    • Any dog ​​used in hunting, shooting, trading or business.
    • Any dog ​​less than 4 weeks old
    • Australian idiot
    • Brazilian Bulldog
    • بوکوینا چرواہا
    • Quota oppressor
    • Canary Islands / Peru de Presa Canarios / Presa Canarios
    • Ken Coros
    • Caucasian Shepherd / Caucasian Ocharka
    • Red sugar dog
    • Czechoslovakian hunting dog / wolf hybrid / wolf
    • Dugo Argentino / Dogo Argentino / Dogo Argentino
    • Fla Brasiliero / Cau Fla
    • Fox Dog / Fox Dog
    • Greek greyhounds
    • Greek Shepherd Dog / Greek Shepherd Dog / Hellenicus poymenkos
    • Dog's wife
    • Tosa Japan / Tosa Enos
    • کرابش
    • Learn Korean
    • Laizhou Hong
    • Northern Invitational Dog
    • pariah
    • Pitt Bill Terriers
    • Greyhound Racing
    • Romanship Sheep Dog Crow
    • Spanish dog
    • Drink milk
    • Thai Raj Thai
    • Turkish ice
    • Atongan

Literal Meanings of Excluded Breeds


Meanings of Excluded:
  1. Deny access to (someone's) place, group or privilege.

  2. Remove carefully.

Sentences of Excluded
  1. The audience was removed from the board meeting

  2. We cannot rule out falling property prices

Synonyms of Excluded

disbar, rule out, embargo, debar, put an embargo on, eliminate, prohibit, keep out, shut out, ban, bar, deny access to, factor out


Meanings of Breeds:
  1. (Animals) mate and then produce offspring.

  2. A population of animals or plants within a species that has a particular shape and is usually produced by conscious formal selection.

Sentences of Breeds
  1. The frog is said to return to its natural pond to regenerate

  2. British farmers are interested in importing large continental breeds

Synonyms of Breeds

line, bear young, multiply, stock, family, reproduce, produce offspring, propagate, strain, variety, procreate