What Does Exchanges Mean?

  • Transferring money, goods or services to a collection.

Meanings of Exchanges

  1. The process of giving and receiving other people (especially one of a kind) in return.

  2. Exchange of the equivalent currency in another country's currency.

  3. Short talk or conversation.

  4. Telephone Exchange Summary

  5. A sequence or series of short movements in which both players record a substance of comparable value, or in particular an exchange in which a shell is exchanged for a knight or bishop.

Sentences of Exchanges

  1. Negotiations should lead to an exchange of peace between countries

  2. They gave me foreign currency at competitive rates

  3. There is an enthusiastic exchange

  4. Motorola developed the first cell phone system 20 years ago, along with headquarters that connected the standard mobile phone to the public switched telephone network.

  5. Therefore, in exchange for the White Knights should accept the bishop!

Synonyms of Exchanges

trade-off, reciprocity, dialogue, change, word, traffic, giving and taking, meeting, discussion, trafficking, barter, swap, switch, conference, chat, trading, interchange, conversation, bandying, talk, swapping, trade