Excess Point

Excess Point,

How Do You Define Excess Point?

  • Index dollars for insurance companies.

Literal Meanings of Excess Point


Meanings of Excess:
  1. Most things are more than necessary, permitted or required.

  2. Lack of moderation in an activity, especially when it comes to eating and drinking.

  3. Exceeding the specified or required amount.

Sentences of Excess
  1. Are you stressed out in your life?

  2. Excessive alcohol attacks

  3. Remove excess fat from meat

Synonyms of Excess

overabundance, profligacy, prodigality, dissolution, surplus, overindulgence, unused, self-indulgence, unwanted, excessiveness, self-gratification, plethora, lack of restraint, superfluous, immoderation, lavishness, oversufficiency, surfeit, glut, intemperance, intemperateness, leftover, profusion, superabundance


Meanings of Point:
  1. Draw someone's attention by holding a finger or something in your hand.

  2. Emphasize (words or actions)

  3. Extend your legs parallel (toes or toes) and straighten your legs and ankles to form a point.

  4. Fill or repair with mortar or fine cement (mass construction, brick or tile).

  5. Give it a sharp tip.

  6. Enter a term in (written in Hebrew).

  7. The sharp, pointed tip of a tool, weapon, or other object.

  8. Signs of points or other intervals, especially points.

  9. At a particular place, location or place, on a place or map, object or surface.

  10. An item or description in a discussion, list, or extended text.

Sentences of Point
  1. The boy leaned down and pointed at me

  2. I will not miss the opportunity to show courage

  3. Reach out and point fingers

  4. The bricks are very fast

  5. He turned and pointed to his mustache

  6. Some of the manuscripts are filled with them which show that the land written in Tibetan symbols is the system of Israel.

  7. Dagger point

  8. The footnote of the text must be numbered after the period at the end of the sentence.

Synonyms of Point

locality, argument, horn, factor, place, locale, sharp end, head, end, area, border, peninsula, item, cape, position, element, regard, margin, piece of information, ness, site, promontory, furthermost part, edge, tapered end