Excess Cash Flow

Excess Cash Flow,

Excess Cash Flow: What is the Meaning of Excess Cash Flow?

  • Excess cash flow is a term used in loan agreements or debt instruments to refer to the portion of a company's cash flow that needs to be repaid to lenders. Additional cash flow is usually the amount received by the company in the form of income or investment which leads to payments to the lenders agreed in the loan agreement.

    • Excessive cash flow is the cash received or received by a company which results in payment to the lender or the lender agreed in the contract.
    • Lenders limit how much money can be spent to control a company's debt repayment.
    • However, lenders do not want to impose limits, as this will affect the financial stability of the business.
    • If excessive cash flow develops, the lender may request a full payment or a portion of the additional cash flow.

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