How To Define Exceptions/Exclusions?

  • Sometimes called discounts, they are intended to limit the insurance company's risk and appear in small print of the contract. Key examples include war and the risk of nuclear damage, exceptions to property covered by other insurance, etc.

Literal Meanings of Exceptions/Exclusions


Meanings of Exceptions:
  1. People or things that are out of the ordinary or do not follow the rules.

Sentences of Exceptions
  1. They always play the best songs and tonight is no exception

Synonyms of Exceptions

anomaly, irregularity, deviation, special case, departure, inconsistency, quirk, peculiarity, abnormality, oddity


Meanings of Exclusions:
  1. Status of action or exception.

Sentences of Exclusions
  1. Helped expel me from the committee

Synonyms of Exclusions

barring, keeping out, debarment, debarring, disbarring, banning, ban, prohibition, embargo