Definition of Exception:

  1. Shipping: Notation on a delivery receipt or bill of lading which states that one or more packages or merchandise received for shipping is in damaged condition or less than the stated quantity.

  2. Title: Conditions such as covenants, easements or liens that limit an owners right to his or her property.

  3. A person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule.

  4. General: Occurrence or situation that causes or indicates deviation from a plan, a customary standard, or what has been specified in a document.

Synonyms of Exception

Anomaly, Irregularity, Deviation, Special case, Departure, Inconsistency, Quirk, Peculiarity, Abnormality, Oddity, Abjuration, Abjurement, Abnormality, Adverse criticism, Allowance, Amazement, Animadversion, Anomaly, Answer, Argument, Aspersion, Astonishing thing, Astonishment, Bad notices, Bad press, Ban, Bar, Barring, Beef, Bitch, Blockade, Blockage, Boycott, Call into question, Captiousness, Carping, Cavil, Caviling, Censoriousness, Cession, Challenge, Charter, Chucking, Chucking out, Circumscription, Complaint, Compunction, Concession, Condition, Contempt, Contradiction, Conversation piece, Counterstatement, Criticism, Curio, Curiosity, Debarment, Debarring, Declination, Declining, Defense, Demarcation, Demonstration, Demur, Demurrer, Denial, Departure, Despisal, Despising, Diplomatic immunity, Disagree with, Disapproval, Discard, Discharge, Disclamation, Discounting, Dismissal, Disownment, Disregard, Embargo, Exclusion, Exemption, Expostulation, Extenuating circumstances, Faultfinding, Flak, Franchise, Freak, Gazingstock, Grain of salt, Grant, Grievance, Grievance committee, Hairsplitting, Hedge, Hedging, Hit, Home thrust, Hostile criticism, Howl, Hypercriticalness, Hypercriticism, Ignoring, Immunity, Improbability, Imputation, Inadmissibility, Indignation meeting, Injunction, Irregularity, Kick, Knock, Legislative immunity, Liberty, License, Limitation, Lockout, March, Marvel, Marvelment, Mental reservation, Miracle, Modification, Museum piece, Nagging, Narrowing, Niggle, Niggling, Nit, Nit-picking, Nonacceptance, Nonadmission, Nonapproval, Nonconsideration, Nonesuch, Nonviolent protest, Object to, Objection, Obloquy, Oddity, Omission, Oppose, Overcriticalness, Passing by, Patent, Peculiarity, Permission, Pestering, Pettifogging, Phenomenon, Picketing, Plea, Pleading, Preclusion, Priggishness, Privilege, Prodigiosity, Prodigy, Prohibition, Protest, Protest demonstration, Protestation, Provision, Proviso, Putting away, Putting out, Qualification, Qualm, Quibble, Quibbling, Quirk, Quite a thing, Rally, Rap, Rarity, Rebuff, Rebuttal, Recantation, Reflection, Refusal, Refutation, Rejection, Release, Relegation, Remonstrance, Remonstration, Renouncement, Reply, Reproachfulness, Repudiation, Repulse, Reservation, Response, Restriction, Riposte, Salvo, Scouting, Scruple, Sensation, Sight, Sit-in, Slam, Something else, Special case, Special demurrer, Special pleading, Special treatment, Specialness, Specification, Spectacle, Spurning, Squawk, Statement of defense, Stipulation, Strange thing, Stricture, Strike, String, Stunner, Swipe, Taboo, Take exception to, Taking exception, Teach-in, Term, Throwing out, Trichoschistism, Turning out, Waiver, Wonder, Wonderful thing, Wonderment

How to use Exception in a sentence?

  1. The drives between towns are a delight, and the journey to Graz is no exception.

Meaning of Exception & Exception Definition

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