Exception Hold

Exception Hold,

Definition of Exception Hold:

  • A simple definition of Exception Hold is: A period that allows a bank to exceed the maximum recovery period set by the rapid availability of funds. See related questions about the availability of funds.

Literal Meanings of Exception Hold


Meanings of Exception:
  1. Someone or something that is out of the ordinary or does not follow the rules.

Sentences of Exception
  1. Traveling between cities is a pleasure and avoiding travel is no exception

Synonyms of Exception

abnormality, special case, oddity, inconsistency, deviation, anomaly, departure, irregularity, peculiarity, quirk


Meanings of Hold:
  1. Grab it, take it or hold it in your hand.

  2. Save (someone) or keep

  3. Safe, stable or in place without breaking or breaking.

  4. Contains or may contain (some quantity)

  5. Has its own power

  6. To save or save someone else.

  7. Stop it from progressing or happening.

  8. Organized and attended (meetings or discussions)

  9. The process or way of understanding something.

  10. Power or control.

  11. A castle

  12. A large luggage compartment at the bottom of an airplane or aircraft.

Sentences of Hold
  1. She has a brown leather briefcase.

  2. Police arrested him on murder charges

  3. Can't hold ship anchor

  4. The tank holds 24 gallons

  5. The CEO still owns fifty shares of the company

  6. Bookings can be made 24 hours a day

  7. Keep your fire burning!

  8. There was a meeting in the church.

  9. He grabbed her arm

  10. Knowing that Tom has some control over his father

  11. Each unit is priced differently and takes up some space in the ship's hold.

Synonyms of Hold

leverage, have to one's name, grasp, have in one's hand, lock up, intern, have space for, put to one side, confine, clasp, imprison, power, own, lay aside, have, control, possess, clutch, impound, authority, contain, detain, sway, put in prison, assemble