Definition of Excellent:

  1. Outstanding or superior to an exceptionally or unusually high degree, among the best in its class, but not perfect or ultimate.

Synonyms of Excellent

Al, Attic, Daedalian, Grade A, A cut above, Above, Adept, Admirable, Adroit, Advantageous, Aesthetic, Aggrandized, Ahead, Apotheosized, Apt, Artistic, Ascendant, Auspicious, Authoritative, Awesome, Bang-up, Banner, Beatified, Beneficial, Benevolent, Better, Big, Blue-ribbon, Bon, Bonny, Bonzer, Boss, Bravura, Braw, Brilliant, Bueno, Bully, Bunkum, Canonized, Capital, Capping, Champion, Chaste, Choice, Chosen, Classic, Classical, Clean, Clever, Cogent, Commendable, Cool, Coordinated, Crack, Crackerjack, Cunning, Cute, Daedal, Dandy, Deft, Deified, Dexterous, Dextrous, Diplomatic, Distinguished, Eclipsing, Elegant, Elevated, Eminent, Ennobled, Enshrined, Enthroned, Estimable, Exalted, Exceeding, Excelling, Exceptional, Expedient, Expert, Extraordinary, Fair, Famous, Fancy, Fantastic, Favorable, Fine, Finer, First-class, First-rate, First-string, Glorified, Good, Goodish, Goodly, Graceful, Grand, Great, Greater, Handy, Healthy, Hear, Held in awe, Helpful, High, High and mighty, Higher, Immortal, Immortalized, In ascendancy, In good taste, In the ascendant, Ingenious, Kind, Laudable, Lofty, Magic, Magisterial, Magnified, Major, Marked, Masterful, Masterly, Matchless, Mighty, Neat, Nice, No mean, Noble, Nonpareil, Notable, Noteworthy, Number one, Of choice, Of quality, One up on, Ordinary, Outstanding, Over, Par excellence, Peerless, Pleasant, Pleasing, Politic, Prime, Professional, Proficient, Profitable, Pure, Quality, Quick, Quiet, Quite some, Rare, Ready, Regal, Remarkable, Resourceful, Restrained, Ripping, Rivaling, Royal, Sainted, Sanctified, Select, Shrined, Simple, Skillful, Slap-up, Slick, Smashing, Some, Sound, Sovereign, Splendid, Statesmanlike, Sterling, Stunning, Stylish, Subdued, Sublime, Super, Superb, Supereminent, Superior, Superlative, Supreme, Surpassing, Swingeing, Tactful, Tasteful, Terrific, The best, The compleat, The complete, Throned, Top, Top-hole, Top-notch, Topping, Transcendent, Transcendental, Transcending, Unaffected, Understated, Unobtrusive, Upper, Useful, Valid, Very good, Virtuoso, Virtuous, Well-chosen, Well-done, Without equal, Workmanlike, Worthy

Meaning of Excellent & Excellent Definition

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