Examination Under Oath (EUO)

Examination Under Oath (EUO),

Examination Under Oath (EUO):

You can define Examination Under Oath (EUO) as, An important way to allow insurance companies to reconsider proof of loss to avoid potential fraud is to allow insurers to obtain the information needed to process damages. The WEU is subject to a general insurance policy, according to which the insured must appear under oath and testify at the insurer's request. A court reporter and an approved notary were present to take the oath as witnesses and record every word spoken during the interview.

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Meanings of Examination:
  1. Detailed inspection or investigation.

  2. A formal examination of a person's knowledge or skills in a subject or skill.

  3. Formally call witnesses in court.

Sentences of Examination
  1. Review Marketing Behavior

  2. Take the exam at the end of the first year

  3. During the preliminary investigation, the witness will provide additional evidence and details.

Synonyms of Examination

questioning, inspection, consideration, question paper, cross-examination, scanning, analysis, oral, investigation, paper, exam, inquisition, test, study, interrogation, cross-questioning, practical, appraisal, evaluation, vetting, exploration, assessment, scrutiny, perusal


Meanings of Under:
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  7. Submarine

  8. Below refers to the bottom or surface of an object.

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  1. A stream flowing beneath a melting glacier

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  4. The country is now under martial law

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Synonyms of Under

down, not so much as, downward, below, receiving, in the process of, not as much as, lower than, undergoing, less than, lower, underneath, smaller than, beneath


Meanings of Oath:
  1. A solemn promise, usually based on divine testimony about your future actions or behavior.

  2. A secular or provocative phrase used to express anger or any other strong emotion.

Sentences of Oath
  1. Pledge allegiance to the king

  2. Exploded with nonsense

Synonyms of Oath

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