Definition of Ex:

  1. For sale: from outside or from outside. When used for the purpose of sale (e.g. ex-dock, ex-work, ex-ship), the former means that the price refers only to the specific place (dock, factory or ship) where the seller sells the goods. At the discretion of the buyer. The buyer should pay all the fees at this place directly on the due date and not include it in the seller's price.

  2. General: Former, for example, with former presidents or former officials.

  3. (Goods) are sold directly.

  4. without reason

  5. Securities Trading: Nothing or Nothing. When used in conjunction with a sale offer (e.g. previous profit, former cap, former rights), the former means that the buyer is not eligible to participate in the next specific program (dividend distribution, bond issue) Or rights issue), but you can participate in subsequent events. . Before money

Synonyms of Ex

Than, Without, Save and except, Out, Out of, Saving, Excluding, Aside from, Save, Barring, Besides, Except for, Unless, Leaving out, Bar, From, Omitting, Beside, Precluding, Let alone, Outside of, Except, Exclusive of, Excepting

How to use Ex in a sentence?

  1. I don't want to go to parties because my ex boyfriend is going to be there and he really is. Hate it
  2. Her ex-boyfriend called to talk to her and we were all hanging out with our friends. The situation was very uncomfortable.
  3. Sometimes a former employee looks for a competitor and can reveal some of his or her secrets.

Meaning of Ex & Ex Definition

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Ex is a measure of the height or size of a font relative to the height of the lowercase x in that font family.