Ex Works (EXW)

Ex Works (EXW),

How Do You Define Ex Works (EXW)?

Former Works (XW) is an international trade term that defines when a seller delivers goods to a particular location and is responsible for the costs of purchasing the goods. EXW is today one of the 11 Encoderms (Terms of International Trade), a set of standard international terms of trade published by the International Chamber of Commerce.

  • Ex-Works (EXW) is a shipping agreement in which the seller makes the product available at a specific location, but the buyer must pay a shipping fee.
  • Once buyers have their goods, they are responsible for other hazards, such as loading the goods into trucks, transporting them on planes or planes, and complying with customs regulations.
  • The previous work is an incoterm (terms of international trade), one of the 11 standard international trade clauses issued by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Literal Meanings of Ex Works (EXW)


Meanings of Ex:
  1. (Goods) are sold directly.

  2. without reason

  3. Ex-husband, wife or other partner in the relationship.


Meanings of Works:
  1. Activities that involve physical or mental effort to achieve a goal or outcome.

  2. To perform one or more tasks.

  3. Complete the result of one or more things or actions.

  4. The place or place where industrial or manufacturing processes take place.

  5. Operational clock or other parts of the machine.

  6. Defense structure

  7. Overcoming barriers or bringing about molecular changes. Exercise strength.

  8. Everything that is needed, desired or expected.

  9. Participate in physical or mental activities to get work results.

  10. (Machine or system), basically correctly or efficiently.

  11. (Plan or procedure) will have the desired result or effect.

  12. (Component or mixture) Bring a hammer, kneader, etc. to the desired shape or consistency.

  13. Move to another position slowly or with difficulty

  14. Get into a special emotional state.

Sentences of Works
  1. I'm tired after a long day at work

  2. Make sure things work out

  3. His work appears in some of America's most important collections

  4. Find a job in the engine

  5. He could almost hear the chess pieces

  6. To the north of the fort was a newly constructed moat and siege by the Patriots.

  7. This amount of work has to be done by the pedestrian muscles to convert the lost kinetic energy lost at each step.

  8. He worked very hard

  9. Your phone will only work on boom

  10. The trick worked

Synonyms of Works

function, slave away, have the desired result, workings, manipulate, get results, exert oneself, commissions, plant, performance, mould, machinery, mechanism, run, manoeuvre, model, the full treatment, knead, galvanize, projects, fashion, the sweat of one's brow