Ex post facto

Ex post facto,

Definition of Ex post facto:

  1. Having retroactive effect or force.

  2. Decision, law, or ruling that has a retrospective effect. National constitutions usually prohibit laws that punish acts committed before they were declared criminal acts. Latin for, after the fact.

  3. Retroactively.

Synonyms of Ex post facto

A priori, After, After all, After that, Afterwards, Back, Backward, Early, In the aftermath, In the sequel, Into the past, Later, Next, Retroactive, Retrospective, Since, Subsequently, Then, Thereafter, Thereon, Thereupon, Therewith, Backdated, Retroactive, Ex post facto, Backward-looking

Meaning of Ex post facto & Ex post facto Definition

Ex Post Facto,

What is The Meaning of Ex Post Facto?

Then. The Constitution prohibits the enactment of laws after this fact. These are laws that allow condemnation and punishment for an act that was lawful at the time it was committed.

Literal Meanings of Ex Post Facto


Meanings of Ex:
  1. (Goods) are sold directly.

  2. without reason

  3. Ex-husband, wife or other partner.


Meanings of Post:
  1. Posting in public places (notification).

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Sentences of Post
  1. A short note was posted on the door

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Synonyms of Post

prop, publicize, bollard, stick, nail up, record, nail, paling, pale, rod, stick up, jamb, broadcast, shaft, picket, strut, pillar, column, mast, upright, support, pylon, attach, newel, fasten, enter