Ex officio

Ex officio,

Definition of Ex officio:

  1. Denoting or relating to a member of a body who holds the role as a result of their status or another position that they hold.

  2. Holding a position or membership due to the power or influence of ones office, and not by election or appointment. A chairperson, for example, can be an ex-officio member of all board appointed committees. Such positions and their attached voting and other privileges are detailed in the bylaws of the organization. Latin for, because of ones office.

  3. As a result of ones status or position.

Synonyms of Ex officio

Titular, Nominal, In name only, In title only, Unofficial, Token, So-called, Absolute, Ascendant, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Authorized, Autocratic, Clothed with authority, Commanding, Competent, Consequential, Considerable, Controlling, Dominant, Duly constituted, Eminent, Empowered, Ex cathedra, Governing, Great, Hegemonic, Hegemonistic, Imperative, Important, Influential, Leading, Mighty, Momentous, Monocratic, Official, Potent, Powerful, Preeminent, Prestigious, Prominent, Puissant, Ranking, Ruling, Senior, Substantial, Superior, Supreme, Totalitarian, Weighty

How to use Ex officio in a sentence?

  1. The main person in charge of the Co-op is Mr Smith. He is the ex officio chosen by the managing companies board of electors.
  2. They were, ex officio, eligible for membership of both clubs.
  3. When someone rises to the top of a company and has the power they have become the ex officio that wields the big stick.
  4. From my understanding, those willing to donate the most time and money receive ex officio appointments as acting members of our board.
  5. All former presidents remain ex officio members of the committee.

Meaning of Ex officio & Ex officio Definition