Ex-dividend date

Ex-dividend date,

Definition of Ex-dividend date:

  1. The date of the first day of a stocks ex-dividend period. If a stock is not owned by an investor prior to the ex-dividend date, then the investor will not be allowed to participate in receiving a dividend payout. Can also be referred to as the reinvestment date.

  2. The ex-dividend date, or ex-date for short, is one of four stages that companies go through when they pay dividends to their shareholders. The ex-dividend date is important because it determines whether the buyer of a stock will be entitled to receive its upcoming dividend.

  3. To understand the ex-dividend date, we need to understand the four stages companies go through when they pay dividends to their shareholders.

How to use Ex-dividend date in a sentence?

  1. These are the declaration date, the ex-dividend date, the record-date, and the payable date.
  2. There are four dates to know when it comes to companies' dividends.
  3. On the ex-dividend date, stock prices typically decline by the amount of the dividend.
  4. To receive the upcoming dividend, shareholders must have bought the stock before the ex-dividend date.

Meaning of Ex-dividend date & Ex-dividend date Definition

Ex-dividend Date,

What is The Meaning of Ex-dividend Date?

  • The previous date of the shares is usually about three weeks before the payment of dividends to the registered shareholders.

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