Definition of Eviction:

  1. The legal removal of an occupant from a piece of property.

  2. Eviction describes the civil process by which a landlord may legally remove a tenant from their rental property. Eviction may occur when rent has not been paid, when the terms of the rental agreement have been breached, or in certain other situations as allowed by law.

  3. In the United States, state law governs evictions or, as they’re sometimes known, “summary ejectments.” Some municipalities—particularly larger cities—may also have their own process for eviction. Generally, a landlord notifies tenants that they are being evicted through an eviction notice. This notice will often specify the number of days that a tenant has to correct the problem that has led to the threat of eviction. The tenant may have three days, for example, to pay rent in full before they must vacate the unit. If the tenant does not voluntarily comply with the eviction notice, the issue must be resolved in court.

Synonyms of Eviction

Disendowment, Disherison, Disinheritance, Dislodgment, Disownment, Dispossession, Disseisin, Ejection, Expropriation, Expulsion, Foreclosure, Ouster, Ousting, Reclaiming, Removal, Repossessing, Repossession, The boot

Meaning of Eviction & Eviction Definition