Everything to Know About Qualitative Survey

Surveys have now become essential for the business to survive in a dynamic environment. Surveys keep one updated about changing trends and thus help them prepare in advance to face all the uncertainties. They provide them with valuable data that is further analyzed to get insights about the opinions of the respondents’. They provide the basis for making strategic decisions. The survey can be done in many ways as per the need of the businesses.

  • In the last few trends, many businesses have shifted their focus from survey to qualitative survey. A qualitative survey is one of the most preferred ways of conducting a survey among businesses. A qualitative survey is not your yes and no type of survey. It gives the respondents the freedom to fully express themselves and not restrict them with close ended questions. Its main purpose is to get answers to how and why. It, therefore, cares about the feeling and opinions of the respondents’. The scope of the qualitative survey is very wide. The ways by which qualitative surveys are conducted are mentioned below.

  • Interviews: Under this conversation takes place where the question about a particular context is asked to respondents’ to get their opinion. Questions are asked in such a way to gather in-depth information from the participants.

  • Focus Groups: Under this, the interviewers ask questions about a particular topic to a group of participants. All the relevant information related to participants’ opinions, thoughts, and feelings can be recorded and thus provide a basis for the businesses to decide their future actions.

  • Observation: Under the observation method of qualitative survey, the participants’ activities, behavior, etc., are observed in their typical environment. They provide reliable information about the participants that might have remained unnoticed in the case of interviews and focus groups.

Types of Qualitative Survey

These are common types of qualitative surveys that are undertaken to get valuable information about the participants. Qualitative survey data importance has increased manifold in recent years because of its various benefits. The biggest advantage of a qualitative survey is that quantitative methods do not limit it. The participants need not shy from their viewpoints and opinions. It is a more flexible way of surveying as the questions can be changed so that it fits with the participants’ requirements. One needs to have to follow the rigid structure of the questionnaire. It allows to therefore incorporate changes that are absent with other modes of surveys.

Qualitative surveys help to get underneath the superficial responses and get the actual response of the participants. It creates a sense of openness among the participants, and they feel like their opinions are valued. Also, the qualitative survey provides more content to the marketing and research team that can be in different ways by the businesses according to its advantage.


The list of benefits provided by the qualitative survey is endless. One must go for this survey when they require detailed opinions about the respondents to arrive at the strategic decision.