Everything Have A Price

Everything Have A Price

Do they all have more? ۔

If yes, what is my e? I intend to auction myself, can I advertise on the internet? Do I have to pay taxes if I find a market?

Answer your first question:

Yes, they all have e. But it's not always cash when you pay for everything. Sometimes you pay with a drink, sometimes with love, sometimes with your time, sometimes with your soul (as)

Answer your other questions:

Well, that's your freedom and if you're willing to pay the price, they're sure to sell it. Wait a minute, you have to come back if you sell yourself, right? Hmmm, this is a difficult situation. We say you get لیکن but become one (lose your freedom) so you can't spend / use money. So this is a lost situation.

I need to check the control section.

.: Fish:.

Everything Have A Price