Definition of Event:

  1. Arrival of a significant point in time. In project management, an event marks the point in time when a task is completed. See also events.

  2. Occurrence happening at a determinable time and place, with or without the participation of human agents. It may be a part of a chain of occurrences as an effect of a preceding occurrence and as the cause of a succeeding occurrence.

  3. A thing that happens, especially one of importance.

Synonyms of Event

Accident, Achievement, Act, Action, Adventure, Affair, Aftereffect, Aftermath, Anyhow, Anyway, At any rate, Bout, By-product, Case, Chance, Circumstance, Come what may, Competition, Conclusion, Condition, Conjuncture, Consequence, Consequent, Contest, Contingency, Corollary, Decathlon, Deed, Delight, Derivation, Derivative, Development, Distillate, Double-header, Doubles, Effect, End, End result, Episode, Eventuality, Eventuation, Experience, Exploit, Fact, Feat, Fortuity, Fortune, Foursome, Fruit, Game, Games of chance, Go, Hap, Happening, Happenstance, Harvest, In any case, Incident, Issue, Juncture, Landmark, Legacy, Logical outcome, Match, Matter of fact, Meet, Milepost, Milestone, Occasion, Occurrence, Offshoot, Offspring, Outcome, Outgrowth, Particular, Pentathlon, Phenomenon, Play, Play-off, Precipitate, Product, Race, Reality, Regardless, Result, Resultant, Runoff, Sequel, Sequela, Sequence, Sequent, Singles, Sport, Thing, Threesome, Treat, Turn of events, Twosome, Upshot, Event, Incident, Occurrence, Happening, Development, Phenomenon, Thing, Situation, Circumstance, Case, Contingency, Chance, Likelihood, Possibility, Probability

How to use Event in a sentence?

  1. Yesterday, I went to my brothers Skiing event to cheer him on and watch him ski, hoping he would get the gold medal.
  2. Sometimes promoting your business at an event will get your message out to a much wider audience then it usually reaches.
  3. One of the main political events of the late 20th century.
  4. By attending a scheduled football match at a local stadium, one can be said to be taking part in a sporting event .

Meaning of Event & Event Definition