Evaporation Line Vs Faint Positive

Evaporation Line Vs Faint Positive

Weak positive line or vapor? ۔

I have a question. I'm currently 34 days late ... I took an early reaction test this morning and fell asleep! Well I woke up a few hours later and it was light pink, is it positive or just a vapor line? I am taking the exam again tomorrow morning. I just want to hear from you. Thanks everyone ... ** Baby Powder **

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I've also heard that the lines on the vaporizer aren't usually pink ... and it's actually pink, just transparent.

I just went to the store and bought a packet of 3 EPT and all three are bfp ... I think I'm pregnant !!

Evaporation Line Vs Faint Positive

Evaporation Line Vs Faint Positive

Any test read after the timeout should be considered negative. And yes, the pink test has a pink vapor line that crosses the line. HPT uses instant diagnosis. Any result after this immediate delay would be wrong. Chemical changes after the expiration date can show colored lines or bright lines.

Try tomorrow morning and see on time! Good for you and lots of baby powder!

The only time I got a vapor line with the initial reaction was gray and only appeared because I dropped the test rod while cursing the shower and letting out the steam line. In my experience, the first answer (and I have many) is not a vapor line until it is exposed to moisture.

I'm sure you'll have BFP tomorrow! If so, get a blood test to check your HCG and progestins.

My best!

This is what I did during my last pregnancy. I picked it up, fell asleep and woke up with a light pink color. In fact, she is pregnant. Also, you are right, the vapor line is colorless and there is the famous blue test with vapor. Find out, but I congratulate it is solved !!!

Not just because they are not roses. There is no vapor line in the pink test. This is the famous blue test with the steam line. I say you're pregnant and Bravo!

Evaporation Line Vs Faint Positive

Evaporation Line Vs Faint Positive

I don't think it's always negative. If there are two lines, it is very possible that you are pregnant. Because if you're not pregnant, the chances of getting two consecutive numbers are very, very, very low. The HgC molecule shows the first (pregnant) line on it. If it is not on your Y, it will not come.

Of course I could be wrong, I would look for someone else (first answer nd) or I would go to the doctor and have a blood test for 100% certainty.

Best for you to me !!! =)

You have to get another.

But I've heard that the first answer doesn't have an escape route (not often!), So the odds are completely positive! :))

Try it first thing in the morning!

OK John!

Evaporation Line Vs Faint Positive