Definition of Evaluation:

  1. Management: A careful analysis of completed or ongoing activities that define or assist management's responsibility, effectiveness, and efficiency. The assessment of activities that have been completed is called pre-post assessment, post-Hawk assessment or summary assessment. An assessment of ongoing or ongoing activities is called a medium-term assessment. See also effect rating.

  2. Rate, count or rate comments.

Synonyms of Evaluation

Apprizal, Identification, Sorting, Winnowing, Evaluative criticism, Rating, Judgement, Measurement, Appreciation, Dual pricing, Decision, Weighing up, Assessing, Approximation, Evaluating, Appraising, Consideration, Factoring, Ranking, Analyzing, Appraisal, Ranking, Judgment, Mensuration, Gauging, Appraisement, Survey, Figuring, Assessment, Stock, Opinion, Price determination, Valuing, Rating, Unit pricing, Computation, Appraisal, Telemetering, Judging, Telemetry, Valuation, Estimation, Assay, Determination, Summing up, Weighing, Opinion, Categorization, Estimate, Gauging, Metric system, Grouping, Assize, Classification, Triangulation, Analysis, Sifting out, Quantification, Measure, Assessment, Measuring, Assizement, Surveying, Correction, Judgement, Estimation, Instrumentation, Sifting, Calculation, Reckoning, Sorting out, Pricing, Interpretation, Quantization, View

How to use Evaluation in a sentence?

  1. Harvey expressed skepticism about his employer's annual rankings this year, believing that his dreams at work remained.
  2. When inviting your employees for a review, you must honestly examine all aspects of your work.
  3. Evaluate each method.
  4. I need to do my best today because this is my review day and corporate partners will see what I'm doing.

Meaning of Evaluation & Evaluation Definition