Definition of Euromarket:

  1. A financial market which deals with Eurocurrencies.

  2. In finance, it is the market for eurocurrencies: these are all currencies that are held as deposits by companies or individuals outside of their country of issue.In commerce, it refers to the single market of the European Union (EU) in which goods and services are freely traded between member countries, and which have a common trade policy with non-EU countries.

  3. The term euromarket has two distinct meanings:.

  4. The European Union regarded as a single commercial or financial market.

  5. General term for the Eurobond, Eurloan, and Euronote markets.

How to use Euromarket in a sentence?

  1. The euromarket extends beyond the Eurozone countries that use the euro currency to all countries signed on to that free trade agreement.
  2. The euromarket may refer to the single market and free-trade among European Union (EU) countries.
  3. The worlds largest capital market, the London-based Euromarket, is now an essentially unregulated one.
  4. The euromarket may also refer to the eurocurrencies market, where an institution uses money from another country, but not in the originating country's home market.

Meaning of Euromarket & Euromarket Definition