Etrade Covered Call

Etrade Covered Call

Call options are sold in my Etrade account. Like ... why ?? 3

I sold my first purchase option, but I'm a little stupid. I own 500 FXP shares and sold 5 FXP call option contracts in May 1990, reaching 4,000. Why? Is it march To close the deal, I just redeem the option, or if it's not worth it, I let it end ... is that so? Thanks in advance Dave

What grows in your portfolio is the value of the current position. For example, if you have 100 stocks trading at $ 25.00, your portfolio will grow to $ 2,500 because if you close a position, you will get a lot. However, after selling SRT shares or written options, you will have to pay to close the position. In that case you will still have to pay 4,000. How you will pay to close the position is more than a turn of credit.

Technically, it wasn't a march. Closed calls can be sold on a cash account (instead of overseas). However, it is a matter of more definition and semantics. Since hitting is basically a guarantee and you have to pass the guarantee on a closed call, it should probably be considered a bad position.

Yes, but remember that you have given the other person the right to resign. When the option holder uses the option and you sign, he sells the shares and the option closes.

The first answer is incorrect when it says you can use the buy option. As an option seller, you cannot use the option. The one in power has this right. You pay an option premium to get this right.

I should also note that most people will not agree with this part of the second answer which says that when you change options you can redeem them and, if you are satisfied, they expire. Goes This is the best time. The worst case scenario is that the stock rises and is paid at اور 90 and basically sells all 500 shares to a counterpart at 90.

Most people who sell closed calls when they sell think they are limiting their profits. If the strike action takes place, call action / communication will be the most likely benefit. Most people think that it is good for a mother to make a profit.

On the other hand, if the stock falls dramatically, say $ 10 per share, the option expires, but you have an average loss on the stock compared to a modest gain on the option. This will result in a net loss for you. I don't think anyone can call it the best time.

This is a negative value because it is similar to the Srt stock you sold (at least you would have sold it when the stock was redeemed). The sale amount has been positively transferred to your cash account and the call is negative. When they move, the options can be redeemed and when satisfied, they end up useless. This is the best time. The worst case scenario is that the stock rises and is paid at اور 90 and basically sells all 500 shares to a counterpart at 90.

You have the right to complete the transaction.

Does Etrade give you credit for the money you earned when you sold the phone? I'm sure (which has increased your cash balance) and the قیمت 4000 purchase price, because elsewhere there are positive entries for FXP stock value. This is negative for calls because you will be the first and will have to pay $ 4000 to redeem it.

This will change with the change in the closing price of the $ 4000 option as well as a positive change in the value of the stock. In principle, $ 4,000 will flow into your z over time (this is clearly theoretical and assumes that the process does not move).

Option trading always takes place in March, when you have to pay cash for the exchange. You sell off calls, so SWS is negative.

To close a position, you can buy the call option back at a price lower than your sale (at a profit), you can use the option at the call price (if the shares are 90 or more in May) Will sell your shares) or let it go to waste. HTH

Sell ​​call options.

Etrade Covered Call

Etrade Covered Call

I don't know what stock you have. However, you can hang up (swap) an SRT call at any time or set an expiration date for the call at any time. If you have money for a long time and it seems that there is no option to cancel or ■■■■■■ a stock, you are either allowing it to expire or you are forcing the market to make a profit. have been.

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Etrade Covered Call