Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee,

What is The Definition of Ethics Committee?

In medicine, an independent body responsible for reviewing and evaluating the rights and safety of individuals participating in medical studies.

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Meanings of Ethics:
  1. Ethical principles that govern the performance of a person's behavior or activity.

  2. A branch of science that deals with ethical principles.

Sentences of Ethics
  1. Medical ethics is also part of the problem

  2. Neither morality nor morality is the home of religion

Synonyms of Ethics

dictates of conscience, fair-mindedness, standards of behaviour, morality, even-handedness, rules of conduct, moral code, principles, credo, moral stand, objectivity, open-mindedness, non-partisanship, equitableness, impartiality, standards, ethos, morals, lack of prejudice, creed, equity, egalitarianism, fair play, fairness, neutrality, disinterestedness


Meanings of Committee:
  1. A group of people assigned to a particular role are usually members of a larger group.

  2. Someone who is responsible for the care of others or the property of others.

Sentences of Committee
  1. Housing Committee

Synonyms of Committee

jury, commission, team, council, committee, body, board, advisory group, group