Definition of Ethical:

  1. (Medicines) are legally available only by prescription and are not generally advertised to the general public.

  2. For fair, just and fair people, though practically flexible, subject to the circumstances and time, subject to a high standard of self-made public behavior. Previously replaced with ethics, the term has almost legal meaning, and after recent sectarianism (the second half of the 20th century), it has come close to becoming legitimate between public and private ethics.

  3. In relation to ethical principles or related branches of science.

Synonyms of Ethical

High-principled, Respectful, Immaculate, Ethological, Pure, Uprighteous, Stainless, Elevated, Worthy, Unspotted, Duteous, Straightforward, Dutiful, Correct, Right, Highly respectable, Uncorrupt, Good, Moralistic, Right-minded, Principled, Fair, Righteous, Moral, Unsullied, Spotless, Just, Clean, High-minded, Observant, Manly, Truehearted, Moral, Uncorrupted, Estimable, Decent, True-dealing, Law-revering, Undefiled, Upstanding, Obedient, Christian, Upright, Unstained, Noble, True-devoted, Irreproachable, Respectable, Full of integrity, Conscientious, True-souled, Honorable, Creditable, Law-abiding, Untarnished, ■■■■■, Proper, Honest, Reputable, Virtuous, Open, Unimpeachable, Scrupulous, True-spirited, Deferential, Yeomanly, Inviolate, Sterling, Blameless, Law-loving, Unblemished, True-disposing, Axiological

How to use Ethical in a sentence?

  1. HR representatives fear that Meredith's conduct is immoral and could violate company standards and ethics.
  2. Ethical issues in nursing.
  3. He rarely talks about moral confusion, but he is compelled to talk about cancer patients and expensive drugs.
  4. All kinds of medicines, including ethical and overdose medicines.
  5. Ethical treatment of animals is currently a controversial topic because some people do not agree that animals should be tested before they are sold.

Meaning of Ethical & Ethical Definition

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