Ethical relativism

Ethical relativism,

Definition of Ethical relativism:

  1. A tendency to make ethical choices only on the basis of what looks right or reasonable according to ones own belief or value system.

  2. The theory that there are no universal or objective ethical standards, that each culture develops the ethical standards that it finds acceptable, and that these cannot be judged by the ethical standards of another culture.

How to use Ethical relativism in a sentence?

  1. If you want your business to have a good reputation in the community make sure to try and follow a strict ethical relativism .
  2. I disagreed with ethical relativism because I feel that deep down, truth is something shared by all humans and not based on culture.
  3. The ethical relativism was appalling in our multinational contemporaries. We suggested they upgrade their cultural operating system to understand what was going on.

Meaning of Ethical relativism & Ethical relativism Definition