Estimation Transactions

Estimation Transactions,

How Do You Define Estimation Transactions?

  • Estimation Transactions can be defined as, Activities involving management decisions or assumptions in shaping account balances without proper measuring instruments

Literal Meanings of Estimation Transactions


Meanings of Estimation:
  1. An accurate estimate of the value, quantity, quantity or level of an object.

Sentences of Estimation
  1. Estimated protein concentration

Synonyms of Estimation

appraisal, educated guess, rough guess, evaluation, informed guess, approximation, assessment, rough calculation, estimate


Meanings of Transactions:
  1. Examples of buying or selling something.

  2. Publication of the minutes of the scientific class meeting

  3. Message input for a computer system as a unit of work.

Sentences of Transactions
  1. Delivery date is very important in normal business transactions

  2. In 1938, in the transaction of the Fraud Society, Mott and Littleton published an important article on calculating the energy of error in NaCl.

  3. Current transactions

Synonyms of Transactions

negotiation, dealings, pact, compact, affair, activities, deal, contract, affairs, bargain, proceedings, matters, business, bond, arrangement, concerns, treaty, agreement, settlement, undertaking