Where is the star and what are its types? 3

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Exchange more than their own synonyms.

We distinguish different types of stem structure from stem cones, which are used for vascular tissue of plants.

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a) Stellex: If stello is not present and num bundle liblen is present disposition or disa. Formation; common in monocots.

b) Monostelic: When there is only one script.

There may be variations in this structural pattern:

Protostyle: The outside of the central colon is surrounded by phloem. Example: Filicane and Licopodane.

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Eustélica: siphonostélica floats through the distribution of vascular cylinder fragments. Fragments represent bundles separated by parenteral rays. The most common varieties in Dakots and their bundles may be collateral (castor) and collateral (pumpkin).

Actinostyl: A mutation either provides protostyle or the lane wave looks like a crossover shape.

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