Definition of Estate:

  1. All the money and property owned by a particular person, especially at death.

  2. A class or order regarded as forming part of the body politic, in particular (in Britain), one of the three groups constituting Parliament, now the Lords spiritual (the heads of the Church), the Lords temporal (the peerage), and the Commons. They are also known as the three estates.A particular class or category of people in society.

  3. A particular state, period, or condition in life.

  4. An extensive area of land in the country, usually with a large house, owned by one person, family, or organization.

  5. Total of all assets a person possesses and/or is beneficially entitled to.

  6. Taxable entity that comes into existence after the death of a taxpayer, includes all of his or her assets (property and personal effects), and remains in existence until the assets are distributed to his or her heirs, beneficiaries, and/or claimants.

Synonyms of Estate

Assets, Capital, Wealth, Riches, Holdings, Fortune, Property, Worth, Resources, Effects, Possessions, Belongings, Things, Goods, Worldly goods, Stuff, Chattels, Valuables, Everyman, John Doe, Public, Absolute interest, Acres, Assets, Bearings, Belongings, Benefit, Blood, Body politic, Bracket, Branch, Capital, Case, Caste, Category, Chattels, Circumstance, Citizenry, Claim, Clan, Class, Common, Common man, Commonwealth, Community, Community at large, Condition, Contingent interest, Demesne, Development, Division, Domain, Easement, Equitable interest, Equity, Everybody, Everyman, Everyone, Everywoman, Farm, Farmstead, Fix, Folk, Folks, Footing, Form, Fortune, General public, Gentry, Grade, Grange, Group, Grouping, Hacienda, Head, Heading, Holding, Holdings, Home place, Homecroft, Homestead, House and grounds, House and lot, Interest, Jam, Kin, Label, Land, Level, Limitation, Location, Lot, Manor, Mansion, Men, Messuage, Modality, Mode, Nation, Nationality, Order, Part, Pass, People, People in general, Percentage, Persons, Pickle, Pigeonhole, Place, Plantation, Plight, Polity, Populace, Population, Position, Possessions, Posture, Predicament, Property, Public, Race, Ranch, Rancho, Rank, Rating, Repair, Resources, Right, Right of entry, Rubric, Section, Sept, Set, Settlement, Shape, Situation, Society, Spot, Stake, Standing, State, Station, Status, Steading, Strain, Stratum, Strict settlement, Subdivision, Subgroup, Suborder, Title, Toft, Trust, Use, Vested interest, Villa, Wealth, World, You and me, State, Condition, Situation, Position, Circumstance, Lot, Fate, Grounds, Ground, Fields, Open space, Open area

How to use Estate in a sentence?

  1. The unions are no longer an estate of the realm.
  2. The grandparents then withdraw to another house on the family estate and cultivate their own land as long as they can.
  3. In his will, he divided his estate between his wife and daughter.
  4. Programs for the improvement of mans estate.

Meaning of Estate & Estate Definition