Definition of Establishment:

  1. The act of making or making something yourself.

  2. A group in society that wields power and influence over political affairs or tastes and is considered resistant to change.

  3. A business organization, public agency or domicile.

  4. The ecclesiastical system is governed by the law.

  5. An economic entity that produces and / or sells goods or services and operates in a single physical location. If a company has more than one of these locations, each is called an installation.

Synonyms of Establishment

Nobility, Investiture, Five-and-ten, Institute, Industry, Onus probandi, Settlement, Discount house, Office, Workplace, A, Entrenchment, Wareroom, Outfit, Erection, Proof, House, New departure, Mooring, Magasin, Substantiation, Deep-seatedness, Realization, Pecking order, Building, Cutting edge, Blast-off, Determination, Installation, The administration, Edge, Chain store, Trading post, Confirmation, Fixity, Boutique, Installation, Leading edge, Prefab, Premises, Construction, Settling, Parlor, Operation, Market, Enterprise, Vegetable kingdom, Butcher shop, Discount store, Beginning, The authorities, Department store, Outbreak, Starting point, Ruling class, The government, Elite, Mail-order house, Reassurement, Overlapping, Validation, Workroom, Bureaucracy, Certification, Beauty shop, Studio, Animal kingdom, Concern, Check, Inauguration, Superstructure, Assurance, Institution, Collation, Firm, Dawn, Demonstration, Lodgment, Construct, Workshop, Upper class, Ruling circles, The system, Formation, Indisputable evidence, Setting-up, Organization, Skyscraper, The power structure, The best people, Concession, Prefabrication, Infixion, Workhouse, Fabric, Verification, The brass, Unmistakable sign, Company, Population, Setting up, Wholesale house, Structure, Undertaking, Worktable, Inveteracy, Beauty parlor, Chain of being, Plantation, Building, Retail store, Workbench, Inception, The powers that be, Fixedness, Barbershop, Start, Absolute indication, Work site, Enterprise, Kingdom, Origination, Country store, Incontrovertible evidence, Desk, Origin, Take-off, Venture, Supermarket, Top people, Variety store, Domain, Facility, Dime store, Deep-rootedness, Alpha, Shop, Pyramid, Class structure, Barons, Ascertainment, Emporium, Colonization, Outset, Realm, Concern, Creation, Upper crust, Mart, Embedment, Foundation, Ensuring, Organization, Implantation, Sweatshop, Opening, The authorities, Hierarchy, Working space, Construction, Agency, Founding, The best, The ruling class, Foundation, Start, Effectuation, Variety shop, Countinghouse, Sure sign, Cooperative, Business, Natural hierarchy, Oncoming, Founding, Organization, Power elite, Kick-off, Jump-off, Fixture, Atelier, Aristocracy, Tower, Warehouse, Constitution, Creation, Materialization, Company, Bench, Onset, Checking, Institution, Onus, Conclusive evidence, Store, Corporation, Flying start, Stabilization, The Establishment, Ironclad proof, Business, Post, Reassurance, Peopling, Power structure, Pile, Co-op, Packaged house, Firm, Setting in motion, Architecture, Running start, Lords of creation, Fresh start, Mineral kingdom, Installment, Loft, Damning evidence, Formation, Fixation, Square one, Edifice, Inception, Start-off, Officialdom, Commencement, Cream, Initiation, The Church, Inauguration, General store, Send-off, Initiation, Anchorage, Getting going, Burden of proof, Old Guard, Work space, Place of business, Salon, The regime

How to use Establishment in a sentence?

  1. The creation of the grant renews the donor's personal interest in the students.
  2. Hotel or catering company.
  3. An excellent model under your feet always gives you the confidence to do your best.
  4. When I visited the site, I heard that the closing time in the neighborhood property features is slow, so expect a gradual distribution of customers.
  5. The property acquires our new knowledge and the changes are implemented immediately, which makes our managers happy and happy.
  6. He discredited the formation of his time.

Meaning of Establishment & Establishment Definition


What is The Definition of Establishment?

  • Create an organization and assemble for a specific purpose.

Meanings of Establishment

  1. Business organizations, public institutions or families.

  2. The church system is governed by the law.

Sentences of Establishment

  1. The establishment of scholarships refreshes the personal interest of donors in students

  2. Hotel or restaurant

  3. Angry at the timing

Synonyms of Establishment

enactment , inauguration , foundation , endowment , institution , setting up , formation , installation , formulation , founding


Establishment: What is the Meaning of Establishment?

  • Establishment refers to An organization created and assembled for a specific purpose.

Meanings of Establishment

  1. The process of starting something or creating your own.

  2. Groups of society that use power and influence over political issues, opinions or tastes and consider themselves resistant to change.

  3. The legal system of the church

Sentences of Establishment

  1. Establishment of an independent government

  2. Anger at the formation of time

Synonyms of Establishment

franchise, the status quo, the regimen, combine, consortium, syndicate, Big Brother, factory, partnership, conglomerate, set-up, group, practice