Definition of Establish:

  1. Ensure that ones remaining cards in (a suit) will be winners (if not trumped) by playing off the high cards in that suit.

  2. Set up (an organization, system, or set of rules) on a firm or permanent basis.

  3. Show (something) to be true or certain by determining the facts.

  4. Define, document, and implement a law, legal instrument, or rule.

  5. Prove or settle beyond reasonable doubt.

  6. Achieve permanent acceptance or recognition for.

Synonyms of Establish

Prove, Demonstrate, Show, Show to be true, Show beyond doubt, Indicate, Signify, Signal, Display, Exhibit, Manifest, Denote, Attest to, Evidence, Determine, Validate, Confirm, Verify, Certify, Ratify, Corroborate, Substantiate, Evince, Bespeak, Constitute evidence of, Constitute proof of, Acclimate, Acclimatize, Accommodate, Accustom, Adapt, Adjust, Advertise, Affirm, Afford proof of, Ascertain, Assure, Authenticate, Author, Authorize, Back up, Ballyhoo, Bark, Base, Bear, Bed, Beget, Begin, Bill, Boost, Break, Break in, Breed, Bring about, Bring forth, Bring home to, Bring to effect, Bring to pass, Bring up, Broach, Build, Build in, Build up, Bulletin, Case harden, Cause, Certify, Christen, Cinch, Circularize, Clear up, Clinch, Conceive, Condition, Confirm, Constitute, Corroborate, Create, Cry up, Decide, Declare lawful, Decree, Deep-dye, Define, Demonstrate, Determine, Dismiss all doubt, Do, Domesticate, Domesticize, Effect, Effectuate, Embed, Enact, Engender, Engraft, Engrave, Ensconce, Ensure, Entrench, Etch, Familiarize, Father, Find out, Fix, Float, Follow, Follow from, Form, Formulate, Found, Generate, Gentle, Gestate, Get at, Give a write-up, Give birth to, Give occasion to, Give origin to, Give publicity, Give rise to, Ground, Habituate, Harden, Have a case, Hold good, Hold water, Housebreak, Impact, Implant, Impress, Imprint, Inaugurate, Incept, Inculcate, Induct, Infix, Ingrain, Initiate, Inscribe, Install, Instill, Institute, Insure, Introduce, Inure, Invest, Jam, Launch, Lay, Lay the foundation, Legalize, Legislate, Legitimate, Legitimatize, Legitimize, Lift up, Locate, Lodge, Make, Make a regulation, Make certain, Make good, Make legal, Make no doubt, Make no mistake, Make out, Make sure, Make sure of, Materialize, Moor, Nail down, Naturalize, Occasion, Ordain, Organize, Orient, Orientate, Originate, Pack, Pitch, Placard, Place, Plant, Plug, Post, Post bills, Post up, Prescribe, Press-agent, Print, Produce, Promote, Prove, Prove to be, Prove true, Publicize, Puff, Put, Put in, Put in force, Put up, Raise, Realize, Reassure, Regulate, Remove all doubt, Ring in, Rivet, Root, Sanction, Season, Seat, Secure, See that, See to it, Sell, Set, Set afloat, Set agoing, Set at rest, Set down, Set in, Set on foot, Set up, Settle, Settle the matter, Show, Sire, Sort out, Spiel, Stamp, Start, Start going, Start up, Station, Stereotype, Stick, Substantiate, Support, Tame, Train, Turn on, Usher in, Validate, Verify, Vest, Wedge, Wont, Work, Write up, Attain, Reach, Arrive at, Set up, Start, Begin, Get going, Put in place, Initiate, Institute, Form, Found, Create, Bring into being, Inaugurate, Organize, Lay the foundations of, Build, Construct, Install, Plant

How to use Establish in a sentence?

  1. The British established a rich trade with Portugal.
  2. The police established that the two passports were forgeries.
  3. The principle of the supremacy of national parliaments needs to be firmly established.
  4. The right plan would be to establish dummys diamonds.

Meaning of Establish & Establish Definition