Essential Functions

Essential Functions,

Essential Functions:

  1. One term is found in the American Disability Act of 1990 (ADA) which describes the need for an employer to accommodate people with disabilities who can perform the necessary job duties. The essential function of a position is the function that is fundamental and necessary for the ■■■■■■■■■ of a position. This person does not need to be able to perform professional tasks that are not necessary for performance or that are of minor nature.

Literal Meanings of Essential Functions


Meanings of Essential:
  1. Absolutely very important.

  2. (Illness) without external stimuli or known idiopathic cause.

  3. Absolutely necessary thing.

Sentences of Essential
  1. It is important to keep up to date.

  2. Essential hypertension

  3. We only have minimal equipment.

Synonyms of Essential

stipulation, crucial, necessary, high-priority, key, desideratum, requirement, qualification, critical, called for, indispensable, all-important, needed, requisite, important, of great consequence, compulsory, must, sine qua non, condition, pre-eminent, need, necessity, vital, of the utmost importance, significant, pressing


Meanings of Functions:
  1. An activity that is natural or aimed at something or something.

  2. A relationship or expression that includes one or more variables.

  3. Depending on one or more factors.

  4. An important or formal event or social event.

  5. Work or work in a proper or special way.

Sentences of Functions
  1. Water access to the bridge is permitted.

  2. Function (bx + c)

  3. Class shame is a work of social power.

  4. He has to go to the party reception.

  5. Your heart is working normally.

Synonyms of Functions

concern, bash, task, errand, role, run, bunfight, chore, justification, do, occasion, be in working/running order, responsibility, ramification, result, post, levee, jamboree, office, commission, rave-up, gala, purpose, gathering, thrash, social occasion, line of country